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Transaircargo is a logistics solutions company for the coordination and movement of loads between destinations. We specialize in the import and export process to destinations National and International in an efficient, safe and responsible way.

25 years of operation and solid experience in the field endorse our ability to mobilize goods of different origins, conditions and sizes.

Our team, made up of professionals of the field, is in charge of making a careful follow-up of your cargo allowing you, consequently, be attentive to the state of your resources.

How we do our work

We work with transversal freight transport services so that the client sees his objective in a fast, safe and convenient way. We have a team of professionals in constant monitoring of their load so that the transport process is carried out properly and with all the relevant steps, so we will be present and in contact with you before any eventuality or need that may arise.


Our company in the World

We have a wide network that allows us to carry out the process according to your needs and among the destinations you need. Our associations allow us to have efficient and certified representatives on the 5 continents, and you can transport your freight in a supervised and safe way..


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