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Air Freight

Trasporte Maritimo Trasnporte Maritimo

Maritime Transport Services

We coordinate the freight, transport and shipping of containers in ports throughout the world to freight of diverse origins and sizes. This allows us to coordinate freight transport of different characters and needs for the trip.

  • Consolidated maritime import and export
  • FCL /LCL
  • Charter
  • Special projects
  • Carnet ATA (Import/Export)
  • Temporary admissions (Import/Export)

Contact our shipping agent directly: Elke Radefeldt

Transporte Aereo Transporte Aereo

Air Transportation Services

We coordinate the shipment and mobilization of your merchandise with commercial and cargo market airlines operating in Chile and the world. The nature of our association allows us fees convenient and the safe and fast mobilization of special loads such as:

  • Dangerous articles
  • Perishables
  • Values ​​
  • Organic products
  • Fresh and frozen cargo
  • Among many more


  • Charter
  • Special projects
  • Carnet ATA (Import / Export)
  • Temporary admissions (Import / Export)
  • Oversized
  • Organic risk
  • Dangerous goods

Contact directly with our air transport manager: Ignacio Muñoz

Transporte Terrestre Transporte Terrestre

Land Transport Services

We move freight of different sizes and provenances nationally and internationally. We coordinate The process of packing, loading and transporting the goods working with reputed transporters, to that the process is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Servicios Cargo Servicios Cargo

Other Services

We comprehensively cover the cargo mobilization process, we provide services necessary for the process according to your need. This includes:

Packages: We coordinate the preparation of your cargo to take the trip.

Documentation: We work in coordination with Customs and ports so that your merchandise contain the necessary documentation and in order for a smooth transportation.

Among the processes we see is:
  • Shipment tracking
  • Cargo insurance
  • Process confirmation
  • Billing

Insurance: We provide insurance for your cargo, so in case of eventuality or mishap you do not You will be faced with the loss of your assets.

Storage: We store the cargo in the short and long term to be withdrawn at convenience.

DAP-DDP: We care about the conditions of delivery of the merchandise.

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